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Stand Up Reusable Storage Bags - Set of 2

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Stand Up Reusable Storage Bags

Tired of buying disposable bags over and over for your food? We have a solution! Keep your food fresh longer on your camping trips while also being able to re-use the bags again and again cutting down on your eco footprint.

Why stand up bags?

The stand-up design helps extend the inner room of the reusable bags. In doing so you can store more food and never worry that the food or zipper will be ripped. Also when overlanding a lot of us are using coolers and fridges to store our food. Generally we want our food stored vertically, so it is much more convenient to have your food in these stand up bags so you don't have to worry about things leaking out. 


Reduce your Eco Footprint While Saving Money 

  • One pack of reusable bags can replace up to 380 or more disposable plastic bags. That's one more step to help reducing trash in our public lands. 

100% Food Safe

  • Made of food grade, recyclable, PEVA material, free of BPA/PVC/lead/chloride, there's no worry about harmful chemicals. It's totally safe to pack whatever you need to for a fun weekend of camping.


  • With an upgraded zip lock closure sealing technology, the bags are sealed from dirt and dust, leak-proof, waterproof and hygienic. Perfect for storing food on the trail and preserving food.


  • We recommend to hand wash, heating up PEVA in the dishwasher is not good for it.
  • Don't put in the microwave or oven for heating.
  • As with regular bags please make sure to tighten the zipper seal.