Hario Mini Slim Plus Grinder

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Conquer the Morning Grind

We know how important coffee is on the trail - but what's the most important part of making coffee? The coffee itself! The only way you can make sure your coffee is extremely fresh is by grinding the beans at the time you brew. Up your coffee game by grinding whole beans on the trail - this allows you to control the coarseness of your coffee grounds and adjust the flavor to your taste. The Mini Slim Plus makes it easy to pack a quality burr grinder with you. Coming in at just over 0.5 pounds (255 grams) and with a diminutive footprint of 3 inches across and 7 inches tall this hand mill packs away nearly anywhere you need.

An Updated Classic

Hario’s original Mini Mill Slim made a splash as an inexpensive way to get a burr grinder into so many homes, offices, and camping packs, and this updated version the Mini Slim Plus picks up right where its predecessor left off. Still offering a small profile and conical ceramic burrs, Hario spiffed up this hand mill with a new smokey gray color and reinforced its performance with a new hexagonal handle connector to reduce the chance of wear and tear. Using a repeatable stepped grind adjustment the Mini Slim Plus will grind from fine drip through french press. And, when the time is right, you can easily disassemble and hand wash the parts to keep your grinder fresh and free of coffee build up.



  • Width: 3 Inches without handle
  • Depth: 3 inches
  • Height: 7.25 inches
  • Weight: 255 g/ .5 pounds