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Planetary Design Airscape Kilo Storage Container

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Airscape Kilo Storage Container

NOTICE: Airscape Kilo’s are on backorder until the week of August 30th. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Planetary Design's Airscape coffee canisters are a kitchen staple. Need some extra room? Now
 available in the Kilo size! Never worry about stored coffee beans or food going stale, Planetary Design's BPA-Free patented two way valve lid forces out air and CO2 when pushed down, locking in freshness! This sturdy and durable container features a beautiful matte black finish. This container is not just for coffee beans either! It can hold up to: 5 lbs flour, 5 lbs brown  sugar, 2.5 lbs granola, 3 lbs oats, 7.5 lbs popcorn kernels, 6 lb rice, and so much more! 

coffee canisters with writing

Item Size and Weight: - 7.1 x 7.1 x 8" and 2.7lbs

coffee canister with whole beans in it