Stainless Steel Propane Adapter Hose

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Propane Adapter Hose

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  • Use a standard propane tank to power your ORIS Skottle
  • Connect 1 pound portable appliance to 5-20 pound propane tank
  • Made of stainless steel braided line to prevent animal bites to your hose, such as dogs, cats, raccoons etc.
  • POL connection x 1''-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Thread (1lb connection),5-foot long
  • Propane (LPG) rated
  • Inlet Pressure:25-250PSI
  • OUTDOOR use only


This stainless steel braided adapter hose lets you run the Coleman burner on your ORIS skottle with a larger than one pound tank. Use this at home or when you are camping to use a standard 5-20 pound tank to extend your cooking times on the ORIS.