Fridge FAQs

TemboTusk Extreme Duty Flat Slides
Will my fridge fit a TemboTusk Flat slide?

There is always the question of whether a particular fridge will fit on a TemboTusk Slide.   Below is a link to a matrix that matches TemboTusk slides and different brands of fridges. 

Please note:  The fridge manufacturer's published dimensions do not always match the actual footprint of a fridge.  Most published fridge dimensions include the handles.   This is a bit deceptive as the actual foot print is usually a bit smaller.

The link is a PDF file.  If the PDF opens too small, set page to 100% to view full size.

TemboTusk Fridge & Slide Matrix


What is the actual footprint of the TemboTusk Flat Slides?

Standard Front Pull Slide:  Outside Dimensions:       18.75" wide x 28" deep

Standard Side Pull Slide:   Outside Dimensions:        29.75" wide x 18" deep

Jumbo Front Pull Slide:      Outside Dimensions:        21.75" wide x 34" deep

Jumbo Side Pull Slide:       Outside Dimensions:        35.75" wide x 20" deep


What is the inside or pan size of each TemboTusk Flat Slide?
                                (Where the fridge will sit.)

Standard Front Pull Slide: Pan Dimensions:              17" wide x 28" deep

Standard Side Pull Slide:  Pan Dimensions:               28" wide x 17" deep

Jumbo Front Pull Slide:     Pan Dimensions:               20" wide x 34" deep

Jumbo Side Pull Slide:      Pan Dimensions:               34" wide x 20" deep


 How high will my fridge sit on top of the flat slide?  In other words; how much vertical clearance do I need?

The slide has two levels:

1: With the cutting board attachment:  The fridge will sit 2.5 inches above the deck or drawer system. (If the fridge is 20" tall, you will need 22.5" clearance. 16" tall fridge will need 18.5" clearance)

2: Without the cutting board: The fridge can sit 1 inch above the deck or drawer system. (If the fridge is 20" tall, you will need 21" clearance. 16" tall fridge will need 17" clearance.)


Skottle FAQ

 1:  Does the Skottle come pre seasoned?  Yes, we pre season each Skottle before we ship them.  They are ready to cook on!

2:  Is the 10,000 BTU burner strong enough?
Yes, the biggest mistake most people make with the burner is turn it up too high during cooking.   Warm up the pan on high and lower to medium flame to low flame for cooking.


3:  How is the Skottle Grill assembled? 
Watch the video below for a detailed overview of the TemboTusk skottle by Jeremy of Family Adventures Overlanding 


4:  Is My Skottle broken?  The seasoning burned off, what do I do?



No, the Skottle is not broken!  Unless you jump on the Skottle from a picnic table, it is pretty much indestructible!  

The picture shows a Skottle in which the burner was set too high. Lower the flame when cooking and add a bit of moisture to the pan such as water, oil, wine, beer etc.

To re-season the bald spot:  Rub a light coat of cooking oil on the pan with a paper towel and turn on the burner until the oil starts to smoke and evaporate.  Let the pan cool and repeat the process one or two times.   The pan will be seasoned just fine.

The more the Skottle is used the more non-stick it will become.

A very good demonstration and "How To" video on how to season and take care of a Cast Iron Pan by Tasty.  The same principles apply to the TemboTusk Skottle Grill.

5:  How do I clean the Skottle?  I burned something on the bottom and I can’t wipe it out.

Pour enough water into the pan to cover the burned on crud.  Turn on the burner until the water is hot and let it sit for ten minutes.  Use a spatula and scrape the crud off the pan.  Drain the pan and reheat until the pan is hot.  Throw water into the pan and it will flash steam any remaining crud off the pan.  With a paper towel apply a light coat of cooking oil to the pan and you are ready for the next meal. 

Click here to view a "How to clean the TemboTusk Skottle"  by Jeremy of  Family Adventures Overlanding

6:  What can I cook in the Skottle?
Anything you would cook in a skillet.   

7:  Do you have a Skottle Cook Book?
Not yet, working on one soon!  Please send in any Skottle recipes with pictures and be part of the cook book!


8:  Do I need to buy the wind shield? 
Only if you camp in very windy conditions.

9:  How do I use the wind shield?
Remove the burner from the Skottle burner cage, insert the wind shield into the burner cage and reinsert the burner. 
Most important when using the wind shield is to keep the open end of the shield pointing into the wind


10:  What are the little holes at the end of the legs for? 
The holes were used during the powder coat process of manufacture.  Do not worry about the holes. You do not need to line them up with the eye bolts.