Oh Canada Steak Seasoning

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Oh Canada Steak Rub

The crackling fire at camp, you're hungry, how can you resist cooking your food over that open flame? Oh Canada is the perfect blend for you to sprinkle on a big ribeye and cook over an open flame. This rub is packed with garlic, chili flake, onion and hints of mustard seed for an intense steak seasoning. Use this rub to season red meat, chicken, pork and even fish. Oh Canada is amazingly versatile for grilling, smoking and searing.

Grab one of our grill grates with this seasoning, some food, start a fire and you'll be set!

Try It On:

  • Rub on steaks before grilling to perfection
  • Add to ground beef for flavorful burgers
  • Not only great for beef, but can be used on chicken, fish, pork and game
  • Use to season stews and chili
  • Sprinkle on vegetables before grilling or roasting

All Spiceology seasonings are packed fresh offering quality you can taste. All spices, herbs, and blends are Non-Irradiated, all-natural, have no preservatives, no MSG, and zero fillers.


Salt, pepper, paprika, onion, chili flake, brown mustard seed, garlic, dill seed, cumin, coriander