Barebones Cast Iron Griddle

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Barebones Cast Iron Griddle

Who doesn't love cooking over the fire at camp? Well make it even easier with this griddle from Barebones.  A reversible cast iron griddle perfect for cooking for a crowd. Use the flat side for eggs, and fajitas, then flip to the grill side for burgers, kebabs, and vegetables. Naturally nonstick cast iron heats evenly, so your food is consistently cooked every time.

  • 19.5” reversible cooking surface
  • One grill side, one flat side
  • Wide grease capture channels
  • Offset handles for easy handling and storage
  • Fits most two-burner camping stoves or use over an open fire
  • Crafted for indoor/outdoor use
  • Seasoned with sunflower oil
  • Cast iron

Hand wash using only hot water, no soap. Use a stainless steel cleaning mesh for scrubbing. Dry thoroughly and lightly coat with your choice of cooking oil. This helps prevent rust and maintains the seasoning for the next use.

21.25” X 11.5” X 1.5"

13.4 lbs each